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Law Firms

DMCA Solutions – copyright enforcement services for law firms and their clients

  • Managed takedown services on behalf of clients
  • Research reports – threat assessment, executive summary,  research, and litigation support/discovery
  • Infringement search tools

We provide  technical insight  and online expertise
We have vast experience with infringement hosts ranging from: Websites, Blogs, Social Networks, File Sharing, Torrent Sites, Classified Sites,Online Auctions, YouTube, Search Engines, Ad Networks, Shopping Portals, Forums and Newsgroups.

As the web evolves so does the pirate strategy
DMCA Solutions employs search technologies combined with domain expertise with hosts worldwide to fight online piracy and counterfeiting.

Leverage our experience, save time and money, increase client satisfaction.
We deliver solid results with measurable ROI.

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DMCA Solutions
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DMCA Experience

We offer a unique combination technical, business and legal professionals. We have filed tens of thousands of notices on behalf of our clients.

We are a U.S. company .


Contact us with questions about our Managed DMCA Takedown Services.

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