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Takedown pirated content & products – search engines, social media, online stores


DMCA Take Down Services

Our take down services are customized to meet your specific needs and budget.

Our approach to fighting piracy begins with a strategy discussion

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How we are different

  • Call us – we offer practical advice.
  • No annual contracts, No setup fees
  • Free piracy analysis / threat assessment.
  • DMCA Solutions uses piracy detection, site monitoring and spidering technologies combined with human verification.  Each DMCA notice and link is checked by a human.

BEWARE  There are many companies that offer DMCA take down services that put clients at risk. Automated DMCA notice generators and piracy detectors that are not human verified create risk and legal exposure.

Our clients stick with us because of results and ROI. We offer cost effective solutions that will increase your revenues.

Legal experience

We work with leading copyright attorneys. We will listen to your situation and share years of experience dealing with DMCA take downs and piracy.

Our DMCA take down notice process.

  1. DISCOVER – We use spidering technology to identify the search engines and pirates sites offering your content. A list of suspect sites/links is gathered.
  2. VERIFY – We human verify suspect sites and remove strategic “SAFELIST” sites (Partners, Affiliates, Distributers or Resellers).
  3. TAKE DOWN –  Notices sent and sites monitored for compliance.
  4. REPORT – Management reports to document take downs.


Take down service pricing depends on your situation and the goal. Discounts apply based on volume and number of products. Contact us for a quote.


  • Month to month managed take down services
  • Free consultation and piracy threat assessment
  • NO setup fees
  • NO Annual contracts
  • Human verification of pirated content, take down notices reviewed by case manager.
  • SEO and online marketing improvements – Remove pirate sites from Search Engines
  • AFFORDABLE – our program is designed to increase sales!

Take down services detailed 

Effective take down strategies employ a mix of approaches. A comprehensive list of DMCA take down types we use are listed below:

  • Search Engine

    Take down infringing content from Google, Yahoo and Bing search results. Remove pirate sites using keywords that drive traffic to your site. Improve your SEO, advertising & affiliate conversion rates. Protect your online marketing efforts.

  • Online Shopping

    Take down notice sent to Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy… These DMCA take downs sometimes involve more extensive documentation and multiple requirements to prove IP ownership.

  • Social Media

    Take down notice sent to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok…

  • Website

    Take down infringing content on a specific website.

  • ISP (Internet Service Provider/Host)

    Often employed when an infringing website is nonresponsive, take down notice is sent to offending hosting service.

  • Video Sharing site

    Take down notice sent to offending video sharing sites like YouTube and Dailymotion.

  • File Sharing site

    Take down notice sent to files sharing sites like Rapidshare, Fileshare. ISP approached upon non-compliance.

  • Forum site

    Take down notice sent to offending forum, ISP approached upon non-compliance.

  • Auction site 

    Take down notice sent to sites like Ebay.

It’s hard to sell products that are offered for free! Fight piracy!

 Improve your online marketing efforts and increase sales!



FREE Piracy Analysis

& DMCA Take down Quote

Custom Report

DMCA Experience

We offer a unique combination technical, business and legal professionals. We have filed tens of thousands of notices on behalf of our clients.

We are a U.S. company 


Contact us with questions about our Managed DMCA Take down Services.

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